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Where has 2011 gone..... [Dec. 21st, 2011|07:46 pm]
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So as like some others have mentioned, I will attempt to post here more regularly. 

I like LJ as opposed to facebook for a few reasons in that it seems easier to write longer posts, I seem to be able to reply more on this (not sure why) and I do find it easier to use or at least keep track of (of course that might be because a lot of people have gone over the facebook).

So what is happening with me.....

My work/life balance is currently rubbish 'overworked' is a huge understatement and because I am field based it is very difficult not to come home late and continue working. This should improve in the new year but I am rubbish at the moment in doing anything like responding to emails, posting or lesiure activities on the computer because I spend all day doing this for work. 

Nothing much interesting has been happening I did more sanctioning events this winter which was nice, although my body does not like the cold so I think camping is going to be out for me if I want to have any mobility.

Health has improved this year over recent years and I managed to loose weight which is good.  Long may the health continue to improve I am grateful for it every day.

Not sure what else to say, considering making some new year resolutions to keep work/life balance at a good level, but for now off to have dinner....

[User Picture]From: badgersandjam
2011-12-21 08:28 pm (UTC)
Yay for health improvement!!!!

Good to hear from you.
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