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How can such a small thing become such a big problem..... - Sue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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How can such a small thing become such a big problem..... [Jun. 30th, 2014|12:57 am]
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So I guess its time for my 6 monthly update on my life.  Unfortunately, its not a positive as the previous post.

I'm putting this here mostly for me, as sometimes, I do look back and use it to remember - so to those who still browse, by all means do not feel obliged to read.

I mentioned in my last post my previous health and various problems, so it seems prudent to pick it up from there, whilst I have lived with a chronic condition, I have not even contemplated suffering with something more serious, or painful or both....until last week.

For about the past 18 months or so, I started suffering with some mild lower chest pains, every so often at night which lasted no more than 4 hours and went away with some painkillers.  There did not seem a pattern to it really and whilst I was curious as to the cause, whenever I mentioned it to a GP or specialist, it was always dismissed as skin infection, bit of indigestion, maybe stress, I could not question any of the latter as it seemed difficult to diagnose because it mostly came on at night.

Then Tuesday 17th June, it came on and just did not go away, no matter what I did (which had worked in the past) it was not having it.  I dreaded this possibility but given all that has gone on recently, I was not surprised, but by Thursday evening I had definitely reached a tolerance level and I was not expecting within 15 mins of seeing my GP for him to be calling to hospital telling them to expect me.  What I was pleasantly surprised about was the GP's accurate diagnosis.

I was not too bothered by the fact it took the hospital 36 hours roughly to find evidence his diagnosis was correct, I would rather they look at all possibilities to be sure and accurately treat the condition.  What I and those around me were distressed about was their resistance at escalating the painkillers, when it was clear they were not working.   Lets just say when Morphine does not have the effect you expect, I think its reasonable to panic. Friday was a tough night and an experience I do not want to repeat.

I wanted to clarify what my version of the pain scale is;

1 - Pain is barely noticeable - heck you could mistake it for turning funny or having a stitch.
2 - Pain is present but just a touch more indication that it is that not something else.
3 - Pain is present and is noticeable if you do nothing else except concentrate on it.
4 - Pain is definitely present and at some points when you do stuff like lifting things you notice it.
5 - Pain is starting to become fairly annoying and is causing you to slow down when you do stuff - will want to take painkillers if continues.
6 - Pain is making itself known all the time now and its clear you need to do something about it - find painkillers and take them.
7 - Pain is becoming slightly debilitating, it affecting what your trying to do - looking for painkillers to take.
8 - Pain is really debilitating, you cannot do anything, your moving around trying to ease it (you are likely to get upset at this point) - if you have already taken painkillers your looking for a second set to take.
9 - Pain is extremely debilitating/bordering unbearable, your in any position which might be comfortable (clawing at the surface you are resting on is an option, similar to sobbing or crying) - If you have taken painkillers you insist on trying more.
10 - Pain in unbearable. most likely constant moving and audible sounds of distress. - If your not already on morphine by this point you should be.  

If I said my pain levels, never got below an 8 for most of Friday afternoon/evening and went between 8-9, this might put it into perspective how my Friday night went.

*For now I am going to skip to the end but may revisit*

So here I am, a week later and with confirmed diagnosis, 6 weeks to wait for an operation to remove gallbladder and on a strict diet (low fat) to avoid the above happening.  I think I am going to need determination to get through and support but am confident I can make it.

[User Picture]From: jamie_wakefield
2014-06-30 09:03 am (UTC)
Bloody hell! All my best wishes. If you need anything then let me know. Also, I am pretty free during week days so if you are off work and need company, then I can easily come down.
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