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That was it then....... - Sue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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That was it then....... [Jan. 3rd, 2012|12:13 am]
[Current Mood |weirdweird]

Happy New Year!

I consider myself lucky in that since 23rd December I have only worked one day, until I go back tomorrow. As always I am struggling to think exactly what I did with my time.

23- 28th Mum visited us for Christmas so its difficult to spend a lot of time doing things that just interested me. We saw lots of family on between the 24- 26th and did some shopping otherwise.
27 - 29th very very ill with a stomach bug, so I filled up with food at Christmas and promptly had a detox but not in a good way, tried to do housework when possible.
30th Work enough said.
31st - 1st Spent new year in Rugby which is becoming a habit but it was chilled not involving much alcohol (none for me) but lots of good company and setting the world to rights both the real one and LT.
2nd Visited my nephew for his birthday, housework and watched some DVD's.

Now the working week is upon me, I do not seem to be 100% better and I am concerned about how much free time I do not have up to March at present on the weekend's.  I have some new year resolutions but do not try to makeany unrealistic ones. Which include a better work/life balance.  Finding time for my own hobbies, photography, socialising, heck even cross stitch which I have seemed to not gone back to in a while.

The year is moving too fast already, especially in terms of LT deadlines and the like so its full steam ahead, hoping I can keep up......man I feel tired already.