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So how is life going then.... - Sue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So how is life going then.... [Feb. 29th, 2012|09:07 pm]
[Current Mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

Well as usual it has been a while posting but not as long as I have expected. 
So what have I achieved so far this year.....

1) Unfortunately, my work/life balance resolution did not go so well and have been very buys and working probably 6 day weeks for more than I intended too already this year, not to mention evenings.
2) Some of my lovely friends had children which is great to see and for one lucky lad, I have been asked to be his godmother which is very flattering and I happily accepted, as it will be nice to influence someone's life and know I do not have to foot the therapy bill later on.....in all serious very flattering and clearly had some thought put into it.  I am looking forward to making a valuable contribution.
3) Not been very good at organising things at home, like event bookings, housework and other day to day things that need doing.

Fortunately, things have got a lot better a week or so a go to the point where I did manage to organise myself and spend some time with friends which has been brilliant.

I had my appraisal at work today which frankly, went well....very well to the point where I was informed.
- I have got some bonus
- I have been nominated for a prestige employment recognition award (only a nomination, but given not one has been made in our team for a year, is good).
- We talked about development up to and including potential promotions within for the future (which was VERY surprising).

Health seems to be good, I hope I can maintain it.

I also appear to be thinking about planning things I am looking forward to like holidays and social events. 

Overall, things are generally good, not without stresses elsewhere such as family and the like, but not bad at all.....

The thing to do now is improve the areas which are not going so well, but as they say, Rome was not build in a day.